How to Hasten Your Recovery From Breast Augmentation


Don’t confuse breast augmentation with breast implants. While the latter is designed to simply help women have larger breasts, augmentation involves reshaping the breasts and making them more aesthetically pleasing. Women who are unhappy with the shape of their breasts are advised to seek breast augmentation rather than implants. Getting your chest increased with implants won’t necessarily fix any problems with symmetry whereas augmentation can. Women’s breasts lose shape for a variety of reasons and breast augmentation is a low-cost way to restore your chest to its former glory.


When you are having this procedure, you must do everything you can to help the surgeon ensure that it is a success. It is your responsibility to bring a list of questions to ask your surgeon, a list of medications you are currently taking and photos of what you want your breasts to look like. Before the breast augmentation newport beach surgery, you will speak to the clinic’s team of doctors, and you will be forced to undergo a full physical examination. This will involve detailed blood tests, x-rays and some other necessary precautions before any medical team can clear you for the procedure. You are safe when you elect to have breast augmentation because these clinics are obsessed with keeping their first-rate reputation and will never allow an unsuitable patient to be operated on.


The reason why you must tell your surgeon about the medications you take before having breast augmentation is because of certain medications thin the blood. You must stop taking drugs such as ibuprofen, aspirin and any other anti-inflammatory medications at least seven days before the surgery. Supplements like vitamin E and alcohol consumption also must be stopped as these substances can increase the risk of excess bleeding. As you are on vacation in Thailand, it is tempting to indulge in some alcoholic treats but ask your plastic surgeon newport beach first and find out when you can have your last drink before the surgery.

Kicking the Habit

We all know that smoking is terrible for your health for a hundred different reasons. It also slows down the recovery process after having breast augmentation. There will be a six-week window (three weeks before and after the surgery) where you will not be allowed smoke. During this time, use nicotine patches or gum or even invest in an electronic cigarette. You are also advised to stop smoking marijuana too because it can increase the effects of anaesthesia. Because you will be forced to stop smoking for a lengthy period of time, perhaps you can be persuaded to quit forever. As well as having better-looking breasts, you may also have a new lease on life!

When you decide to have breast augmentation in Thailand, you are also declaring an intention to lead a healthier lifestyle in the lead up to the procedure. Those who smoke and consume excessive amounts of alcohol are leaving themselves open to unnecessary risk when it comes to recovery time. Be smart, be disciplined and enjoy your recovery in paradise.


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